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Nintendo Needs to Sell 14.9 Million Switch Units in the Next Six Months

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Nintendo Needs to Sell 14.9 Million Switch Units in the Next Six Months

Despite the Nintendo Switch’s impressive sales, the console is still a long way from hitting Nintendo’s insane forecast of 20 million. The console has some strong titles coming in at the end of this year, but ever since the console’s line-up became evident this year, the 20 million forecast became more and more ambitious.

The forecast is set to finish at the end of March, but before then the Nintendo Switch will have some massive releases coming out, including Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon Let’s Go!. With these new releases comes the possibility of bundles, which is always a sure way to facilitate console sales.

The holiday season will also bring in a lot of units, but Nintendo’s chances of hitting 20 million are still relatively slim. If they do hit this figure, then they deserve commendations for an excellent fiscal year and console.

The Nintendo Switch has efficiently carved out a niche in this console generation, with each month being filled with Switch releases. Indie games and left-field efforts have found a home on the console, with Nintendo’s first-party efforts being massive hits, for the most part.

With Nintendo’s work on the console, which has mended the AAA drought of the Wii and the brevity of decent ports on the Wii U, the company certainly deserve to hit its fiscal targets. Just under 15 million units is a big ask, however, but it’s difficult to estimate how positively the market will react when the Smash Bros. mania ignites on December 7.

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