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New Titles Arriving to EA Access: October 2018


New Titles Arriving to EA Access: October 2018

Popular subscription service, EA Access is getting a few beloved games added to the Vault this month. Starting on Oct. 10, 2018, players will gain access to Fight Night Champion and Burnout Paradise: Remastered, with Army of Two following on Oct. 17, 2018.

Fight Night Champion, follows the success of its predecessor, Fight Night Round 4, but takes a darker, more mature approach to fully realize the art and brutality of boxing. To go along with that, this was EA’s first Mature-rated sports title and is one that many fans consider to be their favorite out of the Fight Night series.

Next we’ve got Burnout Paradise: Remastered, the positively reviewed racing game from Criterion. In this high-resolution remaster, you can progress at your own pace in the large open world of Paradise City.

This Burnout game features an expansion of the famous Crash Mode from previous iterations, now called Showtime. In it, you’re tasked with bouncing your vehicle around to acquire points. Let’s hope for a new Burnout game because it’s been too long. At least EA Access is giving it some love.

Finally, we have the cooperative third person shooter, Army of Two. Sure, there are a slew of co-op games to choose from, but Army of Two is specifically designed with co-op, hence the title.

With the ability to customize your character’s outfit and weapon, Army of Two had a ton of unlockables and even spawned two sequels. You can get that on EA Access on Oct. 17.

EA Access has a ton of other perks, too, like the ability to try out new sports titles for 10 hours, like NHL, FIFA, and Madden. You can also get free DLC for games in the Vault, limited trials of games, and early access to many games if they’re pre-ordered, so there are many reasons to join.

Memberships can be purchased monthly for $4.99 USD or yearly for $29.99 USD.


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