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Minecraft 1.13: How to Find Buried Treasure


Minecraft 1.13: How to Find Buried Treasure

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft 1.13

Sometimes, you just have to embrace your inner pirate, and we don’t blame you. Here’s how to find buried treasure in Minecraft 1.13.

Minecraft 1.13 is packed with all sorts of discoveries waiting at every corner. From gems to treasure, you’ll be busy exploring the land for treasure.

While there are many kinds of chests lying around, fans can actually dig up some buried treasure as well. You’ll find some pretty cool items if you look for these chests, so it’s definitely worth going on a treasure hunt.

That said, some fans might be wondering where they can actually find buried treasure in Minecraft 1.13. Luckily, there are quite a few ways you can get your hands on them.

Following the aquatic Minecraft update, you can submerge underwater and look for shipwrecks scattered beneath the ocean. Once you find one, go ahead and explore the sunken vessel for the Map, Treasure, and Supply chest.

The map chest should hold the buried treasure map, which will guide you to the real chest that you’re looking for. The buried treasure map works like every other map in Minecraft, except it will point you to the treasure.

When you’re looking at the map, find the X mark and follow it. Once you manage to reach your destination (which is directly above the X mark), simply dig down until you manage to find your buried treasure.

Depending on your luck, you might find yourself digging for quite a while. Make sure you bring some emergency supplies, such as torches and building blocks, for an easy escape.

The buried treasure in Minecraft 1.13 should look like your normal chest, except there’s a blue aura surrounding it. Simply open the box and grab all the valuable loot you need to finish your treasure hunt.

That’s basically the gist of looking for buried treasure in Minecraft. Just repeat the steps if you want to look for more chests scattered around the map.

As for what’s inside the chest, you might find precious minerals and gems inside. IF you’re lucky, you might also find some weapons along with good and other nifty supplies for your Minecraft adventure.

For more tips and tricks on Minecraft 1.13, make sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve got plenty of other useful guides that will help you in the game, as well as round-ups of the best seeds and mods you can get. Check them out below!

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