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Journey into Murkmire with Elder Scroll Online’s Latest DLC


Journey into Murkmire with Elder Scroll Online’s Latest DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to delve into oft-discussed locations in Tamriel with its latest piece of DLC. Starting today, players can brave the ancient Argonian swamps of Murkmire.

Not to be confused Murkwood, Murkmire is a dank and dangerous swamp as befitting its name, filled with mysticism, death, and various Argonian breeds so alien one would assume they are completely different species. Combined with ancient and vaguely Mayan/Aztec/Incan (probably a conglomeration of all three) ruins, this piece of DLC is bound to make gamers feel like they’re stepping into the shoes of a fantasy version of Lara Croft or Indiana Jones.

According to the video’s description, the DLC’s story will revolve around players helping a scholar recover a mysterious relic. What’s the relic? Will the scholar put it in a museum or use it to conquer the world? We don’t know, but rest assured players will face as many dangers as they will receive rewards. While Murkmire contains fantasy standards such as giant spiders, tree elementals, and lightning-breathing lizards, it also has its fair share of unique monstrosities. Players will have to fight off carnivorous plants, a particularly oversized breed of Argonian, and the legendary Voriplasm, a nasty booger-green slime that ingeniously animates the bones of its last meals.

However, that’s not all players get to experience in Murkmire. The DLC will also pit players against waves of enemies in the Blackrose Prison, all for the sake of loot and glory. And speaking of loot, players will be able to craft and find plenty of powerful new equipment.

But that’s not all. The release of the Murkmire DLC coincides with the start of Bethesda’s #OurElderScrolls community event. By entering their ESO user ID and email address, players can enter to win a free trip to E3 2019.

The Murkmire DLC is currently available for PC/Mac players and will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 6th. The DLC is free for ESO Plus members.

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