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Watch Kratos “Break It Down” in This God of War Bloopers Reel

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Watch Kratos “Break It Down” in This God of War Bloopers Reel

Developing a video game is no easy feat, especially one of the best games of this generation such as God of War. It takes lots of testing and quality assurance to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. And Sony Santa Monica, the team behind God of War, being as silly as they are, made sure to save any funny and/or ridiculous screenshots and videos with the intention of creating a blooper reel with the craziest bugs that you couldn’t even imagine.

Misgard Mishaps is the name of this blooper reel that was created by Tim Ward which you can watch right here:

The QA lead at Santa Monica Studio, Curt Markwardt, had this to share on the PS Blog concerning the God of War reel:

“By title’s end, not only did we have an extremely clean game, but also a plethora of hilarious bugs; each one a (sometimes painful) memory of the colossal effort the studio put into ensuring that you were able to fully experience our game without distraction. Midgard Mishaps is not only a small collection of some of the more entertaining pre-release bugs we came across, but it also serves as a testament to the monumental efforts every single teammate made to ensure that God of War was an enjoyable experience for each and every player.”

God of War is now available exclusively for the PS4.

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