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Friday the 13th Game: How to Get Tommy Jarvis


Friday the 13th Game: How to Get Tommy Jarvis

How to Get Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th The Game

Here’s exactly what you need to know to get Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th The Game.

In the Friday the 13th game, you can gain access to a special powerful character to help you survive you night at Camp Crystal Lake with Jason Voorhees. Tommy Jarvis, one of the series’ protagonist and consistent thorn in the side of Jason, can be radio’d in to replace one of your teammates that has either fled, or been killed.

He has a lot of special perks that makes him absolutely worth adding to your team as soon as possible.

First off, his stats are completely maxed out, making him right off the bat the most powerful character in the game. Second, he carries a shotgun that can be used to stun Jason for a significant amount of time.

Finally, Tommy is one of the requirements for actually killing Jason. He is the only character capable of stopping Jason once and for all and fulfilling that win condition. So if that’s one of your goals, getting him will not be optional.

To get him in the game, what you need to do is find the radio in one of the cabins to place a distress call to him.

This radio will randomly spawn in one of the cabins and will be different each game, so you need to maneuver around the camp safely avoiding Jason until you find it.

Once you locate it, simply interact with it and put the call in.

After the call has been made, at some point during the game, one of the dead or escaped characters will be replaced by Tommy Jarvis. It’s a good incentive to keep people around and spectating the game.

Congratulations! Use him wisely to help you win the game and potentially even defeat Jason once and for all.

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