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Best Adult Games of September 2018


Best Adult Games of September 2018

Best Adult Games of September 2018

Negligee: Love Stories

It’s hard to find the best adult games with so many releasing all over various areas of the internet. Negligee: Loves Stories is a visual novel that follows a number of different of male + female, and female + female blossoming relationships. You’ll play as different protagonists, each with their own backstories ranging from a stripper and a woman in an abusive relationship.

There are different choices that you can make that will effect each of the chapter’s ending, giving players a solid level of agency and choice.

Keep in mind that this is a graphic game that deals with heavy sexual themes, relationship issues, and sexual situations. It is uncensored, which is hard to come by sometimes. You can play it on Windows, Mac or Linux, and if you end up enjoying Negligee, there are a whole series of them that you can grab on Steam. The whole collection of Negligee is $54.99 if you decide later on that you want to jump in head first to all of them. A new game from the creators, Devil in the Details, which is another uncensored game that will be released this month.

If you’re looking for more adult games, be sure to check out our list of the best you can play right now.

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