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7 Anime Like Devils’ Line If You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Anime Like Devils’ Line If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Ever wanted to see a version of Twilight that actually writes supernatural romance realistically? Devils’ Line might just be right up your alley. Instead of sparkling, socially awkward bloodsuckers, this anime adaptation is about what it would really be like if a vampire and a human fell for each other. Here’s seven anime like Devils’ Line if you’re looking for something similar.

Anime Like Devils’ Line

Tokyo Ghoul

In this fictional version of Tokyo, the land has been overrun by vicious ghouls. Just like in Devils’ Line, the streets are run by fear, with few citizens in Tokyo Ghoul able to actually live normal lives because of the constant dread of ghoul attacks.

What’s interesting about Tokyo Ghoul is that it takes a similar, yet opposite direction regarding its supernatural subject matter. Whereas Devils’ Line sees Anzai struggle to protect Tsukasa from other vampires and his own urges, Tokyo Ghoul’s main character Ken Kaneki is unwillingly turned into a half-ghoul by his love interest.

Kaneki’s transformation leads to having come to understand the ghoul’s society, learning how to control his urges and blend in. Instead of hunting his kind, he assimilates into their culture, while keeping a hold on his human nature as well.

While this anime is far more graphic and less romantic, the themes of inner struggle and natural instincts are both identical.

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