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Valkyria Chronicles 4: How to Get the True Ending


Valkyria Chronicles 4: How to Get the True Ending

How to Get The True Ending in Valkyria Chronicles 4

Valkyria Chronicles 4 breaks off from last year’s Valkyria Revolution and returns the franchise to its original strategy roots. It introduces a handful of new mechanics and changes that may seem small at first, but integrally change the way you approach battle strategy in the series. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is quite a lengthy experience, a bit longer than the first game in fact, and it’s an emotional journey that’ll keep players hooked. Things aren’t quite over when you see the credits roll, however, as there’s actually a true ending to get in the post-game. We’ll help let you know exactly how to get the true ending of Valkyria Chronicles 4.

Now the true ending of Valkyria Chronicles 4 isn’t exactly a huge story-changer or anything. Rather, it basically adds more footage onto the last screen of the game, adding a little bit more context in the story. After you’ve beaten Valkyria Chronicles 4, make a save file with the clear data, then load it back up. The game will notify you about a number of new options available, including the Infirmary at Headquarters. Head there and you’ll be able to purchase a number of additions to your experience for a new resource called Renown, which you get for completing battles. The game should have already given you a tidy sum of the resource.

Buy the “Interlude: A Steamy Ceasefire” for 20,000 renown. If you don’t have enough, simply play through a few skirmishes. This will add an all new interlude into the story between Ch. 8 and 9. Watch all of the scenes from the interlude, and once you’re done a new scene called “The Promised Aurora” will be added into Ch. 13. Watch the scene and now you’ll unlock a second “Hard Mode” option for the final battle, which basically cuts the required time of completion in half and strengthens enemies. You’ll probably need to grind a bit and bump up your unit’s levels and equipment before you’re able to beat the new Hard Mode final battle, but once you do, sit back, relax and watch the True Ending. There’s nothing else you need to do after you’ve beaten the final level but watch the extra scene.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the true ending in Valkyria Chronicles 4. For even more tips and guides on Valkyria Chronicles 4, make sure to search Twinfinite or take a look at our extensive wiki.

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