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Sorry Witcher Fans, Geralt’s Voice Won’t Be in Cyberpunk 2077 After All

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Sorry Witcher Fans, Geralt’s Voice Won’t Be in Cyberpunk 2077 After All

CD Projekt Red’s upcoming open-world RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, has a lot of people excited –particularly fans of their previous fantasy RPG series, The Witcher. Sadly, though, despite having previously stated that the polish developer was open to a cameo role, it sounds as though Geralt’s iconic voice won’t be part of the experience after all.

Doug Cockle has voiced The Witcher series’ ashen-haired protagonist since the first game back in 2007, and following the series’ subsequent rise to mega-popularity, the character of Geralt has become a bit of a household name. He’s a big part of CD Projekt Red’s history, and so it wasn’t all that surprising that back in 2017, Cockle mentioned the developer had spoken with him briefly about “being involved (in Cyberpunk 2077) somehow.” But apparently, Cockle hasn’t yet heard anything. In an interview with VG247, he said:

“I’m not [working on Cyberpunk 2077] actually, so I don’t even have to lie about that. Whether I will or not is a different question.

They’ve kind of hinted that they want to get me involved in some way, shape, or form. But what that might be? Who knows, and it may never happen.”

Cockle himself has actually voiced typically minor roles in dozens of video games spanning a nearly twenty-year career in the industry. Most recently, a thriller called State of Mind. You can check out his IMDB here.

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