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Project Judge Will Feature the Classic Arcade Games Fighting Vipers and Motor Raid

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Project Judge Will Feature the Classic Arcade Games Fighting Vipers and Motor Raid

Project Judge, the upcoming title from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, will feature both Fighting Vipers and Motor Raid as playable spots. This tradition carries over from the Yakuza games, each of which let you play one or more classic Sega arcade games at specific spots in the world. In this case, you’ll once again be heading to the Club Sega arcade to partake in Fighting Vipers or Motor Raid. The arcade games were confirmed via a trailer playing at the Sega booth at Tokyo Game Show, and thanks to Gematsu for the spot.

Interestingly, this is actually the very first time that Motor Raid will be playable on a home console, outside of the arcade.

For those unfamiliar with Project Judge, also known as Judge Eyes, it’s a brand new IP from the studio best known for the Yakuza games, as well as Binary Domain. The game is a courtroom detective drama that follows the disgraced defense attorney-turned-detectiveTakayumi Yagami (played by the famed Japanese actor Takuya Kimura). Project Judge actually takes place in Kamurocho, the iconic fictional city from Yakuza, but sports some brand new gameplay elements like uncovering evidence, pressing suspects, putting on disguises, and trailing targets. It remains to be seen if any other arcade games will make it into Project Judge, but if the Yakuza series is anything to go by, the title will have a plentiful helping of side content and minigames.

Project Judge is scheduled to released on December 13 in Japan and Asia. A western version of the game has already been confirmed by Sega, but the release window is only set as 2019 for now.

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