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NBA 2K19: Can You Replay Prelude? What You Need to Know


NBA 2K19: Can You Replay Prelude? What You Need to Know

Can You Replay Prelude in NBA 2K19?

Before NBA 2K19 dropped officially, 2K gifted PS4 and Xbox One users with the opportunity to get a head start on their careers via a short demo known as The Prelude. The Prelude allowed players to undertake the first part of The Way Back, and their progress would be transferable to the final game upon release.

As is often the case, players found a way to exploit this generosity, utilizing glitches to restart the mode and obtain unlimited badges. The team at 2K soon became aware of this, and threatened the cheaters with bans. Clearly, this risk was not worth the effort.

Some went down a less scandalous route, simply deleting the save file from their consoles and attempting a restart. Alas, this was soon patched out, and they were now met with a message that they had already completed the Prelude, and would be unable to try it again until NBA 2K19’s release.

You can take it right from the official source: The NBA 2K19 Prelude is not designed for multiple playthroughs. MyCAREER, however, can be restarted as many times as you like, and as the full game is already out, it really defeats the purpose of trying to get back into The Prelude.

If you’re incredibly desperate, like you just can’t get enough of that Prelude, your only option is to use a different account on your console. Obviously, this is a messy and cumbersome task solely for the sake of trying a demo again. Our advice? Just buy NBA 2K19. We hear it’s pretty good.

For more tips, tricks, guides, and gizmos, check out Twinfinite’s NBA 2K19 wiki. It’s your five-tool MVP on all things ball, from the basics all the way up to the big stuff. No need to put on your Kawhi Leonard frowny face. Read our guides and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear!

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