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NBA 2K19: Where the Rec Center Is


NBA 2K19: Where the Rec Center Is

Where the Rec Center is in NBA 2K19

If you’re keen on hitting the courts and showing the world what you’ve got, you’ll definitely want to make a stop in at the Jordan Rec Center. Here, you will be able to compete against other MyPLAYERS online. Have you got the skills to ball out like MJ himself? It’s time to put up or shut up, baby!

You can find the Jordan Rec Center quite easily while exploring the Neighborhood. If you continue right past the Ante Up building, you will quickly happen upon your destination. It’s hard to miss it, thanks to the large black Jumpman logo adorning its front, and hey, if you don’t already know what that is, are you sure you should be playing an NBA game?

Once you enter, the game will seek out your teammates and opponents, and away you go. Get that triple double and break some ankles, but for goodness sake, try and play some D, will you? It’s a dying art.

Remember, if you’re getting absolutely slaughtered out there, there are a number of other buildings in the Neighborhood that can help you even the odds: the Gatorade Training Facility is right next door if you want to boost your MyPLAYER’s level caps, as well as the Team Training Facility where you can run a few basketball drills.

For more tips, tricks, guides and strategies, make sure to scope out the extensive NBA 2K19 wiki. Twinfinite has got you covered from the most basic info on how to play, all the way up to the advanced stuff, plus loads of other great guides on all things gaming, anime, pop culture and more. We’ve got the dirt you’ll need to make sure you look more like Kobe Bryant, and less like Smush Parker. Remember him? He was the worst.

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