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NBA 2K19: How to Get All Domination Rewards


NBA 2K19: How to Get All Domination Rewards

How to Get All Domination Rewards in NBA 2K19

Looking for how to get all Domination rewards in NBA 2K19? Here’s how you do it.

Similar to previous entries in the annual basketball series, Domination in NBA 2K19 is the best way to earn a steady stream of MT points while acquiring new card packs and top tier players for your roster. You can also amass a huge amount of token rewards by playing through this game mode, allowing you to unlock specific characters you want of a particular rarity. So, how do you get all Domination rewards this year to maximize your playthrough?

Instead of a having a linear path on which team to play against, Domination in NBA 2K19 now allows players to select which team to battle. Dominating each division will reward you with a fixed amount of tokens, and Dominating multiple divisions will unlock the top three teams in each league.

There are a total of three main leagues in Domination: NBA, Fantasy and All-Time. Each league has a total of 33 teams, and you simply need to dominate every single one to earn the prized card for the league. Unlike NBA 2K18, you can no longer choose the prized card for each league. The main reward for NBA is an amethyst Mark Eaton with a 91 overall rating. Meanwhile, Fantasy and All-Time has a diamond Barnard King with a 95 overall rating and a pink diamond Maurice Lucas with a 97 overall rating, respectively.

In order to dominate each team, you simply need to win the game and achieve a three star rating by earning a certain amount of MT Points during the match. Because of the MT Points requirement, you need to perform well on both offense and defense to maximize your MT earnings per possession.

That wraps our guide on how to earn all Domination rewards in NBA 2K19. For more insightful tips and useful resources, make sure to check our wiki.

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