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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How Long it Is & How Many Quests There Are


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How Long it Is & How Many Quests There Are

How Long Is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate & How Many Quests There Are

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the franchise’s first foray on the Nintendo Switch. Originally released on the 3DS, this updated port features more monsters to hunt and even supports cross-play. While Monster Hunter games are known for their hours of gameplay, Generations Ultimate takes things to a whole new level with tons of content coming from the different games in the series. That said, some players might be wondering just how long this game is.

Overall, it should take you around 55 hours to complete the main questline alone, not counting the High-Rank and G-Rank missions. The game comes with different missions, starting with the first six tiers of village quests and an additional four tiers of High-Rank Soaratorium quests. There are also plenty of different maps to explore, each with their own different monsters and resources to collect. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is packed with tons of content, and you’ll probably be spending plenty of time hunting monsters to grind for that gear set you’ve been eyeing in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. There are tons of different armor sets and weapons to collect, both for gunners and blade masters.

Apart from the hunter mode, players can finally play as their Palico and hunt monsters as their adorable little partners in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Palicoes are generally weaker than hunters, but they have their own tricks up their sleeve, making them just as useful during combat. On top of that, players can even explore the different areas and collect resources as Palicoes. In this form, you won’t have to worry about crafting bug nets and pickaxes to continue gathering resources.

Overall, players will be sinking plenty of hours hunting and grinding in this game. If you need some tips and tricks on Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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