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Is Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Luigi’s Mansion is finally getting a remake on the 3DS, giving fans yet another chance to experience the terrifying adventures in the haunted mansion. This marks the first time we’ll see the game outside of its original console, the Gamecube, and it even comes with a few new extra goodies, such as the Boss Rush mode. While it won’t be too long until fans can get their hands on Luigi’s Mansion 3DS, some might be wondering if the developers will be porting it over to the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch owners are out of luck. The Luigi’s Mansion remake seems to be strictly for the 3DS, meaning if you want to play it, you’ll have to get your hands on Nintendo’s other handheld console. Despite the Switch’s constant success, the gaming giant still hasn’t forgotten about its other console. In fact, it’s planning to shell out more 3DS games until 2019 and possibly even beyond that. Still, the gaming giant could eventually get around to making a Luigi’s Mansion remake port for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. Rest assured that we’ll be updating this post if Nintendo does ever decide to announce it.

The Luigi’s Mansion remake follows the green plumber on his first quest to save his brother who has been sealed away in a painting. Armed with nothing but a vacuum cleaner, Luigi must brave through a dangerous mansion filled with ghosts and ghastly traps. Back in 2013, Nintendo had released a sequel for the 3DS, Dark Moon, which borrows plenty of the original mechanics from the first game.

For more updates on the Luigi’s Mansion 3DS remake and the Nintendo Switch, make sure to search for Twinfinite. Let us know if you want to see the game ported to the Switch in the comments below.

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