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Identity V: Tips for Playing Jack the Ripper


Identity V: Tips for Playing Jack the Ripper

Tips for Playing Jack the Ripper in Identity V

Jack, otherwise known as The Ripper, is one of the Hunters you can play as in the hit mobile game, Identity V. If you’re just getting started with this character, we have some basic tips to help you ease into the experience more smoothly.

First off, the big thing you need to know about Jack in Identity V is that his biggest strength lies in making use of the fog. He has a trait called Foggy Night, which causes fog to form around an explorer if they linger in an area for a little too long. When this happens, Jack will receive a couple of buffs. First, the cooldown for his Hidden in Mist decreases quite significantly, which means you’ll be able to go invisible more frequently. This makes it much easier for you to sneak up on other players in Identity V without them noticing, especially in a foggy area. Aside from that, when you try to attack while inside the fog, you’ll get a special attack called Foggy Blades, which increases your melee range, and is fantastic for catching up to other players.

In general, you’ll want to make use of fog as much as possible in Identity V. Whenever you can, try to push players into a foggy area during a chase, as you’ll have the advantage in that situation, both in terms of attack and mobility.

At the start of each match in Identity V, make use of Jack’s Listen ability to try to track down targets, then head towards them stealthily. Listen allows you to pinpoint a player’s location whenever they’re sprinting or vaulting over obstacles. He has another useful skill called Blink, which allows you to instantly teleport in whichever direction the camera is facing with just a tap. The idea here is to make use of Jack’s Blink and Hidden in Mist abilities to sneak up on players inside the fog, before reappearing and attacking them with Foggy Blades.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Identity V.

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