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10 HD Shadow of the Tomb Raider Wallpapers That Should Totally Be Your New Background


10 HD Shadow of the Tomb Raider Wallpapers That Should Totally Be Your New Background

Shadow of the Tomb Raider launched last week and fans of the series will likely be trekking their way through the Peruvian Jungle toward the finale of Lara Croft’s rebooted trilogy story. In our review playthrough, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the game and were particularly impressed with just how gorgeous the lush outdoor environments were to behold. Clambering around crumbling cliff edges and wading through the thick undergrowth of Jurassic-looking forests is about as exotic as Tomb Raider has ever felt. In fact, thanks to clever lighting effects and some serious attention to detail, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is by far the best-looking game in the series. Good thing, then, that the game’s photo mode is awesome, allow players to manipulate Lara Croft into position for some spectacular, background-worthy screenshots.

There are all sorts of opportunities for badass wallpapers, so we’ve compiled some of our favorites HD screenshots and key art that we think should totally be your new background.

An image that encapsulates the story and setting in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. wallpaper download

Lara swinging into position. wallpaper download

An awesome-looking wallpaper that marks a pivotal point in the narrative where Lara learns to stalk her prey. wallpaper download

An unsuspecting victim about to fall prey to Lara. wallpaper download

That death stare… wallpaper download

xbox one, shadow of the tomb raider, september 2018

The title screen makes for such a brilliant HD wallpaper. wallpaper download

Silent killer. wallpaper download

stick em’ up. wallpaper download

Lara about to unwittingly turn the world upside down after removing the Key of Chak Chel. wallpaper download

Lara Croft… or is it Rambolina? wallpaper download

We’ve also compiled some absolutely hilarious screenshots of Lara Croft looking totally ridiculous in the game’s photo mode. Check it out here.

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