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Dive Into Dontnod’s Creative Process with Life is Strange 2 Behind the Scenes Video

life is strange 2

Dive Into Dontnod’s Creative Process with Life is Strange 2 Behind the Scenes Video

Life is Strange 2 is almost here, and developer Dontnod Entertainment now has a behind the scenes video to showcase how the second official season of the series came together.

Streamed through the game’s official YouTube channel, the video goes over the key elements of the series’ second season and how it differentiates itself from the first. Focused on the brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, the second season has players guide the brothers as they flee toward Mexico following a supernatural event with deadly consequences.

“An important part of Season Two is this travel aspect,” Michel Koch, director and co-creator of the Life is Strange series, says. “They are fleeing, they are on a journey and they need to advance and move, they cannot stay at one place.”

As such, the relationship between the brothers plays a central role in the game’s plot. Being on the road after a sheltered upbringing, both will have to adapt to their new situation together and adopt new roles to ensure the other’s safety. This is especially true for Sean, the older of the two siblings.

“Sean as the big brother has to be the mentor/teacher/father figure on their road adventure,” Christian Divine, writer for Life is Strange 2, says. “It’s about them becoming the people they’re supposed to be, and of course it’s about the player’s choices in making those characters who they are.”

Along with all these changes though, are the elements which make Life is Strange what it is. The game will retain the same art and music styles from the first game, but with small graphical and audio enhancements to improve on flaws brought to their attention by fans and critics.

The full video can be found below.

Life is Strange 2 is set to launch with its first of five episodes on Sept. 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the game, check out a 20 minute gameplay video previewing the characters’ lives in Seattle.

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