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Dead Cells: Tips for Surviving 1-4 Cell Modes (Hard to Nightmare Difficulty)


Dead Cells: Tips for Surviving 1-4 Cell Modes (Hard to Nightmare Difficulty)

So, you’ve beaten Dead Cells on 0 cell mode and you think you’re pretty good at the game. Well, if you’re looking for a challenge, Dead Cells features four other difficulty modes, from Hard to Nightmare, each with added modifiers to make the game even more challenging. If you’re having trouble clearing the game on the higher difficulties, we have some tips from experience that should help a little.

Dead Cells Tips for Surviving 1-4 Cell Difficulty

Check Wall Runes for Food

Aside from 4-cell difficulty, you should always eat all the food you find on the levels to help with healing. While you do still get health fountains during certain level breaks on 1-cell, the rest of the difficulty levels in Dead Cells completely remove them, and your only source of healing will be from your starting flasks and food you can find.

Enemies can drop food very rarely, but they’re more commonly found in secret wall runes. Check wall corners for a glowing blue rune, then strike it repeatedly to reveal a treasure. Usually it’ll be a piece of gold, but sometimes you can get food. If you’re on 4-cell difficulty, however, you’ll need to be a lot more careful with food. Nightmare difficulty introduces the malaise mechanic, which means you’ll instantly die if you take 10 hits in a row. In this mode, always make sure to keep the infection down and don’t eat infected food unless your malaise meter is low, and you really need to get your health back up.

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