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Dead by Daylight: How to Play With Friends


Dead by Daylight: How to Play With Friends

Survive together or die together.

How to Play With Friends in Dead by Daylight

More often than not, your wits and cunning aren’t going to be enough to evade the killers, turn on the generators, and escape from the nightmare that is Dead by Daylight. Clever allies that you can depend on are vital to your survival, however the game doesn’t exactly make it easy to play with friends, unfortunately. Here’s how to play with friends in Dead By Daylight.

To start, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s no splitscreen couch co-op available within the game. Needed to get that out of the way. There is online co-op, though!

For that, if you and your friends plan on being survivors, you can use the Survive With Friends option at the starting menu of the game to go ahead and enter a queue together. If you select that option in the main menu, you’ll create a lobby and be able to invite your friends to it. Then, once you all ready up, you’ll be matched with survivors around your level, as well as a killer that is, too.

Unfortunately once the match is over (either by it completing or a disconnection), you and your buds will be thrown in the game’s main menu yet again and will need to repeat the above process. There’s no real party mechanic within this game. Ya have to do that manual invite each time to ready up for a new match.

If you want to be the killer (or one of your friends wants to) then the Kill Your Friends option is the one you’d want to select. Do note, though, that it won’t be that great of a time if you’re not playing with four other people that you can invite. You can’t enter matchmaking this way (because friends can help the killer out and ruin the fun, or vice versa).

Thus, if you want to be a killer and you’re not playing with four others, your only final option to pull that off is a bit difficult and ridiculous. If you and a friend queue for matchmaking at the same time (one of you chooses to be a killer and the other a survivor) it is possible to end up in the same game. Just be sure to check the players before initiating the match. This obviously feels like a bit of a stretch and will take you awhile, though. Best to just Survive With Friends, eh?

That’s all you need to know to play Dead by Daylight with friends and get stuck into the gruesome action. For more tips and tricks for playing a survivor in Dead by Daylight, be sure to check out our guide on exactly that here.

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