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Top 15 Best Weapons in Dead Cells


Top 15 Best Weapons in Dead Cells

Best Weapons in Dead Cells

Melee Weapons

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Asymmetrical Lance – Best Weapons in Dead Cells

Not only is this a badass looking weapon, it’s also one of the best Survival weapons you can get in Dead Cells. The Asymmetrical Lance is a slow weapon, but it’s way more manageable than the detestable Broadsword. By swinging it around, you can attack enemies both in front of and behind you, which makes it great for crowd control. It’s also a great speedrunning weapon because of its inherent perk: killing two enemies rapidly will give you crit attacks.

The only downside to the Asymmetrical Lance is that it’s just a little bit too slow for handling birds and flying enemies in Dead Cells. If you’re rocking the Lance, make sure to have a bow or another fast ranged weapon in your second slot. Other than that one shortcoming, the Asymmetrical Lance is certainly one of the best weapons in Dead Cells.

Frantic Sword – Best Weapons in Dead Cells

There aren’t a ton of great melee weapons for Tactics builds, so if you come across a Frantic Sword, make sure to grab it. It’s your typical fast-moving sword weapon, and the move set is pretty basic. However, its perk allows you to deal out critical attacks whenever you’re below 50 percent HP.

Hayabusa Gauntlets – Best Weapons in Dead Cells

Brutality players in Dead Cells have the luxury of choosing from so many different awesome weapons, but the Hayabusa Gauntlets has got to be one of the best. It doesn’t deal as much damage as some of the other fast swords, but it has a great move set, and its perk allows you to deal critical damage on the fifth hit. If you can get the 1 percent HP restored per hit attribute on this weapon, you’ll be set for your higher difficulty runs. We also really like the Hayabusa Boots and Spiked Boots, but the Gauntlets are just so darn cool.

Wrenching Whip – Best Weapons in Dead Cells

I’m not a huge fan of the whip-type weapons in Dead Cells, but if I absolutely had to use one of them, it’d be the Wrenching Whip. This is yet another Brutality weapon with a fast and fun move set that allows you to pull enemies towards you. It’s great for crowd control and dealing with shield-bearers.

Shovel – Best Weapons in Dead Cells

For all you Survival players out there, if you can’t beat the Hand of the King for the Asymmetrical Lance, consider taking a trip to the Graveyard to get the blueprint for the Shovel. It looks pretty simple, but this is easily the fastest Survival weapon you can get in the game. It also happens to be one of the very best weapons in Dead Cells because of its ability to reflect certain attacks. With the Shovel, you’re getting a fast move set, along with the ability to deflect bombs and grenades and use them to damage your foes.

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