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Is Battlefield V Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Battlefield V Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Battlefield V Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Battlefield V is the latest and greatest in the upcoming series of not-so-realistic massive battleground war games. Throughout most of the latter part of last generation, both Battlefield and Call of Duty shifted their attention to more modern and futuristic settings for their games. However, by the midpoint of the current generation, we’ve seen a shift from more modern games, to a return to classic war video games settings, such as World War II. The most recent game in the series, confusingly titled Battlefield 1, actually took place in first World War, which actually has barely been covered in comparison to other settings, however, this year the series will return to World War II once again for the first time in quite some time. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering whether or not Battlefield V is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The console, for all its great titles, is lacking a bit on the FPS front. There aren’t a ton of popular FPS games that you can dive into right now, at least in comparison to the multitude of AAA multiplayer shooters that have appeared on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Sadly, we have bad news on the Battlefield V Nintendo Switch front. There is no indication that the Battlefield V will ever release on the Nintendo Switch. We’re not EA, so we’re not going to speak for them and say it’s 100% impossible and will never happen… but we would not hold our breath. It’s quite unlikely that the Switch will ever get get a port of the game, however, we really hope that we are wrong.

That does it for whether Battlefield V is coming to the Nintendo Switch or not. For more FAQs answered on popular games, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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