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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Online Service to Shut Down October 25


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Online Service to Shut Down October 25

Sony’s take on the Smash formula, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, will no longer have online functionality for the PlayStation 3 and VITA on October 25. According to an update on the PlayStation Store, all online features will be dissolved, including the “[ability] to host or join an online game.”

All-Stars will still have offline features, including the campaign “as well as local (couch) multiplayer in shared screen mode.” Given recent news that the VITA will be discontinued, as well as the incoming next console generation, it is surprising that the title’s servers have stayed online for so long.

All-Stars was an odd mish-mash of Smash mechanics and PlayStation licenses, which received middling reviews on release in 2012. Several other PlayStation titles will be removing online functionality, including Twisted Metal and Warhawk, with ModNation Racers set to the same fate on October 10.

Particular highlights from All-Stars mainly came from pairing popular characters against each other. Not many games afford the luxury of pitting Parappa the Rapper against Kratos in a battle to the death. Strong rumours have circulated that a possible sequel may be coming soon, but most of these whispers appear to be fan wishes.

Whether this shutdown will coincide with a possible sequel to capitalise on the Smash Ultimate hype remains to be seen. For now, get your high-level Sony fighter play in while you can.

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