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40x Escape: How to Beat Level 29


40x Escape: How to Beat Level 29

How to Beat Level 29 in 40x Escape

In 40x Escape, you’re tasked with solving a series of logic-based puzzles in order to progress through the levels. Some puzzles require pushing buttons in a certain order, while others require pushing the correct buttons. However, there are a few puzzles in the game that seem rather illogical, and level 29 is certainly one of those.

In 40x Escape’s level 29, your only clue is “total,” and there is a counter that you have to enter a number on. You’re probably thinking, “total what, exactly?” This puzzle in level 29 is certainly a strange one. There isn’t any real indication about what the clue could mean. The word total could honestly mean anything: The total number of doors in the level? The total amount of presidents the United States has had? The total amount of times you’ve failed this level because you can’t figure out the solution? The counter only goes up to 999, so you could spend all day trying every number, but instead of doing that, you’re better off just hearing the solution from us.

It turns out that the word “total” is referring to the total levels in 40x Escape. Sure, there was no real indication that that was what the clue was referring to, but that is the solution to level 29. After knowing that, it won’t take you long before you figure out what number you have to input on the counter.

The name of the game is 40x Escape after all. So, click on the middle number four times to take the counter up to 40, and voila, the door will now be open, and the path to more difficult puzzles awaits.

There you go, that’s how to beat level 29 in 40x Escape. Hopefully, we’ve helped alleviate some of the frustration of such an obtuse puzzle. If you need help with any other puzzles in the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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