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40x Escape: How to Beat Level 27


40x Escape: How to Beat Level 27

How to Beat Level 27 in 40x Escape

40x Escape is a logic-based puzzle game that you can play directly from your internet browser. As the name implies, there are 40 levels each containing a brainteaser of varying difficulty for you to try and solve. Some aren’t too bad, but, as is usually the case with these types of games, there’s bound to be a level or two that completely stumps you. The further up you get, the harder it becomes, and level 27 is one particular level in 40x Escape that trips many players up. Here’s exactly how to solve 40x Escape’s level 27.

Level 27 is one such level that you really have to think differently about in order to solve. The hint that 40x Escape gives you is simply “4×4.” At first, you may look at it and think it is a simple math problem. If you worked out that the answer is 16, then congratulations, you’re good at math —4×4 is 16.

Unfortunately, while that may be the answer to the math question, that’s not going to help you in level 27 of 40x Escape. As you’ll no doubt be able to tell, there aren’t 24 buttons on the wall —only six— so you can’t just hit the 24th button and be on your merry way.

Some puzzles require you to think outside the box. Level 27 in 40x Escape isn’t asking you to do math. When you say the clue out loud, you get “four times four.” Take that first part of the clue, “four times.” It’s a hint that you have to do something four times. But what about that last part: “four.” That’s what you have to do four times. When you look at it that way, it makes a lot of sense. So, the solution to the puzzle is to press the fourth button on the wall four times.

Now that you’ve got that level 27 figured out, you can go ahead and try to solve some of the later puzzles in the game. If any of the other levels are proving to be a challenge, you can always check back on Twinfinite for more guides on 40x Escape.

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