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Xbox One: How to Play Backwards Compatible Games


Xbox One: How to Play Backwards Compatible Games

How to Play Backwards Compatible Games on Xbox One

When Microsoft announced at E3 years ago that the Xbox One was now capable of backwards compatibility, the gaming community all but lost their minds. As you can imagine, this announcement was a hit and players have been happy ever since. Now, Xbox One owners could play the newest Xbox One games and some of their past favorites, from the likes of the 360 and the original, whenever they wanted. It’s a feature Xbox 360 and PS3 had so when the newest iterations of these consoles were announced in 2013, it was odd that backwards compatibility wasn’t mentioned. While Sony has failed to include backwards compatibility yet, Microsoft continues to add titles to its backwards compatibility list every month. Maybe you’re someone who’s never dived into this feature but is looking to do so now. Here’s how to play backwards compatible games on the Xbox One.

Not only has Microsoft pulled a power move by allowing backwards compatible games to be played on their consoles, they made it quite easy too. Simply put, if you own an Xbox 360 or original Xbox game disc that’s on the list, stick it into your Xbox One and like with any other game, you should see it pop up on your home screen. It might have an install or update to make but once that’s done, you’re all set to play. If it’s a game you’d like to acquire digitally, you can purchase it on the Xbox Marketplace. After doing so, it will be added to your “Ready to Install” list. Head there, install it and you’re all set.

If it’s a game you’ve owned digitally before, it should also be visible in the “Ready to Install” list of your Xbox. Find it, install it and get to playing. Keep in mind that some of these games may have updates to install as there are a handful that have received 4K patches.

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