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How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87e105dc & What it Means


How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87e105dc & What it Means

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87e105dc & What it Means

From time to time, our precious game consoles can have a bit of a hiccup. You might randomly get disconnected from Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, your controller might just turn off or stop working, or you might get a bizarre error code popping up when you can’t load a game or it just crashes midway through your session. Chances are, if you’re an Xbox One owner, you may have had your gaming session interrupted by the error code 0x87e105dc.

Alas, if you’ve already tried searching error code 0x87e105dc on the official Xbox Error Status Codes page, you won’t get anything back. Apparently, error code 0x87e105dc isn’t known of by Microsoft… which is slightly unsettling. However, we’ve had a route around have an idea of what error code 0x87e105dc is and how you can fix it if it pops up on your Xbox One.

First off, error code 0x87e105dc seems to have something to do with your digital games and their DRM. Many players who have been hit with this error code have had it pop up when trying to load one of their digital games, or midway through playing.

As such, we think that the error code 0x87e105dc on Xbox One comes down to an issue with Microsoft’s servers, most likely the ones that handle player accounts and licenses.

To gain access to your downloaded games once again and fix error code 0x87e105dc, you’ll first need to hop into Network Settings and select Offline Mode. Then, head to Settings, Personalize, and set your Xbox One as the home console. This will then grant you the ability to play your downloaded Xbox games even when Xbox Live is down.

If this fix for whatever reason doesn’t work for you, or you’ve already got another Xbox One set as your home console and don’t want to change it, we can only suggest giving Microsoft some time to try and resolve the problem on its end.

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