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WoW Battle for Azeroth: How to Unlock the Nightborne Race


WoW Battle for Azeroth: How to Unlock the Nightborne Race

How to Unlock the Nightborne Race in Battle for Azeroth

The World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth expansion is out on August 14, 2018 and with it are coming a variety of allied races to play as. In Legion, the longest quest line takes place in the region of Suramar which is home to the Nightborne race of elves. The Nightborne were originally Night Elves, but through the power of the Nightwell (and 10,000 years of isolation) they have becomes extremely powerful creatures with a penchant for the mystical arts.

To unlock the Nightborne race you will only have to complete three steps, all of which should be incredibly easy to accomplish, if a bit time consuming. The first requirement is to get to level 110 on a Horde character. Through achieving the remaining requirements you should easily hit 110.

The next requirement includes acquiring the achievement Insurrection. This achievement is gained once you have finished every chapter of the main Suramar quest line. This can be completed at any time, but will more than likely be earned while leveling your character for the first time. Once you have earned this achievement you should hold the reputation of honored with the Nightfallen.

Once you have earned the story achievement you should be well on your way to completing the final phase of recruiting the Nightborne to the army of the Horde in time for Battle for Azeroth. All that is left to do is earn exalted reputation with the Nightfallen. For this you will have to partake in daily world quests in an effort to grind out the required reputation points. To speed this up, keep an eye on your daily world quest caches for a chance to earn bonus reputation for the Nightfallen. The most important world quest to complete as often as possible is Withered Army Training. This quest will award huge reputation boosts if completed correctly.

After this you will be able to head back to Orgrimmar and take part in a scenario. From here you will venture back to Suramar, and even the Sunwell in Silvermoon, which will lead to you unlocking the Nightborne as a playable race.

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