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WoW Battle For Azeroth How to Get to Kul Tiras


WoW Battle For Azeroth How to Get to Kul Tiras

How to Get to Kul Tiras in World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

The latest expansion from World of Warcraft, Battle For Azeroth, has split the Alliance and the Horde into two separate zones for leveling. The Horde resides on the island of Zandalar, while the Alliance fights its way through the island of Kul Tiras. Both zones offer exclusive loot, dungeons, story arcs, and quests. All dungeons will eventually become available to players after enough progression through Battle For Azeroth. Following the Alliance to Kul Tiras will require a few steps before actually getting into the new zone.

In order to begin the quests to get to Kul Tiras, players will have to visit the docks in Stormwind. This will prompt them to have to visit Silithus, the site of the giant sword that is now sticking out of Azeroth. You will speak to Magni Bronzebeard and he will explain to you how Azeroth is in trouble. The Heart of Azeroth is being taken over by a substance known as Azerite and he needs your help to stop it. You will be given an item called the Heart of Azerite, which will allow you to seal up the cracks in this area and help stabilize it. After completing this quest, you will be prompted to go the castle in Stormwind. Eventually, you will end up back at the docks with Jaina Proudmoore, who will explain that it is time to set sail for Kul Tiras. Once you’ve spoken to her, get ready to set sail for your new home this expansion.

If you ever need to return to Kul Tiras, there is a portal available in the mages quarters alongside the other portals. This becomes available to you once you’ve been to Kul Tiras the first time.

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