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5 Games Like We Happy Few If You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like We Happy Few If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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The Forest

Games Like We Happy Few

we happy few

We Happy Few might not have any terrorizing cannibals chasing after you, but it does share plenty of similarities with The Forest. Generally, both games boil down to survival and trying to find a way to escape from their clandestine hellhole. In The Forest’s case, you’re stuck on some sort of abandoned forest that’s teeming with deadly creatures that want to eat you up.

With hardly any survivors left after the disastrous plane crash, it’s up to you to find a way to survive and ultimately escape the forest.

There’s plenty of resources to collect and items to be crafted as you make your way across the land, and if you look hard enough, you might stumble across the deadly truth behind these infernal cannibals along the way.

That being said, your primary focus falls on staying alive every day and using whatever materials you have at your disposal. We Happy Few fans who love their fair share of horror games should get a kick out of The Forest.

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