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Warframe: How to Get Malice Mod Drops


Warframe: How to Get Malice Mod Drops

How to Get Malice Mod Drops in Warframe

Mods take on a whole new meaning in Warframe. Instead of, say, letting players tweak the game’s files to wield a Master Sword that constantly sings the theme song to Cheers, mods enhance the abilities and stats of the game’s weapons and titular warframes. Some mods strengthen shields, others reveal the locations of enemies and loot. Most enemies literally bleed mods, but these tend to be generic, weaker mods. The stronger mods are reserved for bosses. The harder the boss, the more powerful the mod, and you can’t get more powerful than the Acolytes and their mods. However, forcing an Acolyte to drop a mod in Warframe is no easy task.

Now, we’ve already gone over how to find the Acolytes in Warframe. It’s a long, arduous, and random task that can feel like searching for an invisible, ambulatory needle in a football field’s worth of hay, but once someone spies an Acolyte, it lights up like a Christmas tree visible from space. And then the fun begins, and by fun, I mean the grueling task of fighting the Acolyte. These guys do not fool around, especially since they can use different warframe abilities. Each fight against an Acolyte is a group effort, and not just because you need to form parties with other players. Acolytes have far more health than the average boss, and the only way to defeat them is for several parties to run multiple, simultaneous instances of the same fight. Oh, and each Acolyte runs away after battle. That is where Acolyte mod farming gets difficult in Warframe.

Say you want Malice’s Guided Ordnance mod in Warframe. It makes assault rifles more accurate after they hit an enemy. You track Malice down and fight him. Everything seems to be going well when he suddenly teleports away. At first you think you’ve defeated him, but then you realize Malice didn’t drop anything, not even a mod. Well, I’m sorry to say but each Acolyte is on a timer, and once it reaches zero, they vamoose to another location. When they run away like that, they don’t give you anything, forcing you to start the whole process over again.

All Acolytes in Warframe, including Malice, only drop mods if they run after being dealt enough damage, and even then there’s no guarantee you will get the mod you want. Malice drops four mods: Focused Defense, Targeting Subsystem, Guided Ordnance, and Narrow Barrel. Some are obviously more common than others. Narrow Barrel, for instance only has a 4.04% chance of dropping, whereas Focused Defense has a whopping 51.52% chance. If you want to obtain your preferred mod, odds are you’re going to have to go through the process of finding Malice, fighting him, praying to the Orokin you kill him before the time limit expires, and then praying again you get the mod you want more than once. The same applies to all the other Acolytes. It’s a difficult but ultimately worthwhile process.

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