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Warframe: How to Get Cephalon Fragments Fast


Warframe: How to Get Cephalon Fragments Fast

How to Get Cephalon Fragments Fast in Warframe

Warframe, like many other games of the same type, is filled to the brim with lore. While this lore isn’t as in-your-face as your standard narrative-driven game, it’s certainly there. One must only look for it. In Warframe’s case, a large part of the lore comes from fragments, which are pieces of hidden items throughout space that players can scan into their Codex to unlock written and audio stories that further flesh out the world of the game. One type of those fragments is Cephalon Fragments, which are fragments of data scattered around the Origin system. If you’re someone particularly interested in learning about Warframe’s story, you might be chasing Cephalon Fragments down like crazy. Let us help you out. Here’s how to get Cephalon Fragments fast.

There are a number of different ways to find Cephalon Fragments in Warframe. They spawn in virtually every type of mission save for Defense and Interception. Many people head to mars to farm them, but in reality, the planet matters little if you follow the correct steps.

First and foremost, stick to Capture missions. These types of missions are quick, straight-forward and generally some of the easiest in Warframe. Before embarking on a capture mission, though, there’re some things you’re going to need first.

Equip a Loot Detector, which will display resources and more — in this case, Cephalon Fragments — on your mini-map when you’re in the vicinity of it. You’re also going to need the Warframe mod, Thief’s Wit, which highlights loot in the environment. And finally, for safekeeping, go ahead and equip the Companion mod, Animal Instinct, as well. This mod will increase the effects of your Loot Detector.

Once you’ve got all of that equipped, head into a Capture mission. Speed around the map and you should find at least one Cephalon Fragment by the time you reach the exit. You’re likely looking for more than one so be prepared to run this mission over and over. That’s why we suggest Capture missions — quick and easy.

For more on Warframe, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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