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Undertale Gets a Special Physical Release for Switch and PS4


Undertale Gets a Special Physical Release for Switch and PS4

The incredibly stylized 2D adventure game in hell is finally making its debut on consoles. Undertale, an RPG where no one has to die, was recently announced to have a collector’s edition physical release for Switch, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC with tons of goodies for long-time fans of this extraordinarily popular game.

Only available for pre-order at, the Undertale Collector’s Edition will come with:

  • The complete UNDERTALE soundtrack: Over 100 songs on 2 CDs
  • UNDERTALE sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by Toby Fox
  • A 14k gold-plated brass music box locket
  • A sturdy matchbox-style collector’s box
  • A standard edition copy of UNDERTALE for PS4, PS Vita, or PC

Both the standard and collector’s editions will come with a 24-page story booklet illustrated by Tmmie Chang, Undertale’s main artist. The Switch Collector’s Edition will also come with all of these bonuses plus a stylish slipcase. Digital versions of the games will also be available on all consoles through their respective online stores, and the physical standard editions will also be available at Fangamer, while a Switch physical copy will be at Best Buy.

For the unaware, Undertale is a unique RPG that stole the hearts of gamers around the world. Developed by indie company Toby Fox, it takes place in the Underground, a realm where monsters and deadly foes await or hero Frisk, a tiny human with a huge adventure ahead of her. Players take control of Frisk to determine whether she’s the caring, pacifist girl she’s was raised to be or a girl who will do anything to find her way, even kill her enemies.

Undertale Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order on Switch, PS4, PS Vita and PC.

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