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Two Point Hospital: How to Get Kudosh


Two Point Hospital: How to Get Kudosh

How to Get Kudosh in Two Point Hospital

Slip on your surgical gloves and get ready for another hospital management simulator, Two Point Hospital is here, recapturing the nostalgia of iconic management games such as Theme Hospital. And just as you would expect from a spiritual successor to that series, Two Point Hospital features all the same mechanics, systems, and frantic crises announced via the tannoy. You’ll have to balance the weight of the hospital’s problems with your own ambitions to improve its facilities, which is where K points, otherwise known as Kudosh, comes in handy. Here’s how to get Kudosh in Two Point Hospital.

Kudosh Points are a form of currency in Two Point Hospital. Separate from cash, which allows you to directly purchase most items, you will need Kudosh points to actually unlock and make them available first. Once an item has been unlocked with Kudosh points, it is available permanently in all future hospitals and levels.

We alluded to hospital crises before, and when you start playing Two Point Hospital, you’ll notice various issues with the staff and facilities. You’ll want to solve these via Kudosh Points, which is done by unlocking features such as air conditioning any anything that alleviates a particular problem. There are several ways to garner the special currency.

First, you’ll accrue small amounts of Kudosh Points as you play through the game, with your supply boosted whenever you successfully pass a health inspection or overcome a medical emergency.

For bigger injections, though, you’ll want to tick off career goals. If you click the Career tab on your map, it should bring up a list of Career Goals. Initially, these are easy to attain after only the first level, but they’ll get more difficult. The special items you’ll be able to unlock by achieving your Career Goals will make life much easier later on the game, so do make sure you’re knocking these off.

For more useful information and tips for Two Point Hospital, keep it locked on Twinfinite.

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