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Two Point Hospital: How to Train Staff (Doctors, Nurses, Janitors, & More)


Two Point Hospital: How to Train Staff (Doctors, Nurses, Janitors, & More)

How to Train Staff in Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is a Theme Hospital fan’s dream come true. Finally, a new, beloved, hospital management game that doesn’t suck! You’re going to be taking care of patients, staff, and a whole campus at times. You need to know how to manage it all! A good way to make sure your hospital is tip top is by training staff to be the best they can be. Here’s how to train your staff in Two Point Hospital.

First and foremost, you need to play through the campaign enough to unlock the Training rooms. Then, once you have them, you can start building them! They require a presentation board and student desks around. You can, of course, increase their levels by adding fancier stuff like bins and plants if you want. But the basics are just those!

Once you have your training room, you can start courses. You need to click on the room and hit Start Course. This will let you choose people to train (you’ll need desks for each student), what you want them to train in (you can even end up with a janitor that gets promoted to be a nurse, etc.), and who will do the teaching (you can choose between staff of yours that’s qualified or hire a guest teacher).

That’s really all there is to i! Your teacher will start teaching and the students will start learning. A progress bar will appear and once completed, they’ll have their new stats!

That’s how you can train your staff in Two Point Hospital! Need more help? The doctor is in. Check out our other guides by using our search bar up top, or ask us a question and we’ll rush over to help you. If you’re looking for general tips, by the way, check out this guide!

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