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Two Point Hospital: How to Buy More Buildings


Two Point Hospital: How to Buy More Buildings

How to Buy More Buildings in Two Point Hospital

Have you heard? The medical business is absolutely booming! People are getting sick left, right and center, and it’s your job to cure them of their ailments in Two Point Hospital. In return, you’ll get more funds to go towards building the biggest and best hospital. Or, you could spend all of that money on silver benches. They obviously won’t help on the medicinal front, but it would be a bold, avant garde move to simply dot them all around the place. They do look very nice. But it may be wiser to put that money towards expanding your hospital and building extra buildings (alternatively, this gives you more space to fill with superfluous benches, if you’re so inclined). When the opportunity to expand becomes available, you will see areas surrounding the main hospital building that resemble construction sites. Here’s how to buy more buildings in Two Point Hospital.

Click on one of those sites, and a window will pop up with a dollar sign on it. Click on that icon, and you will be able to buy that building for the monetary amount that is indicated. Congratulations, you’ve expanded your hospital and added a new wing! We’ll call it the leprosy wing and go from there. Feel free to adorn it with the finest of amenities (read: silver benches).

For more tips, tricks and whatnot on Two Point Hospital, make sure to peruse through Twinfinite’s extensive listing of guides! We’re every doctor’s most valuable tool, loaded to the brim with indispensable knowledge, cunning strategies, and the occasional pun for good measure. And should you ever be in the need for something you can’t find listed, drop us a line and let us know. We’re like the free healthcare system you never knew you needed! Our recommendation: take two doses of Twinfinite and call us in the morning.

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