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Take a Behind the Scenes Look at D.Va’s “Shooting Star” Overwatch Short With Its Creators


Take a Behind the Scenes Look at D.Va’s “Shooting Star” Overwatch Short With Its Creators

It’s been a long time since the release of Reinhardt’s Honor and Glory short in November 2017, but just a few days ago we finally got an in-depth look at iconic Overwatch character D.Va along with the announcement of a new map in Busan, South Korea that is divided into three parts: Sanctuary, Downtown, and D.Va’s MEKA Base.

We get to see D.Va working on her mech, hear of some of her backstory with her five-person squad, and learn of her inability to ask for help as she lets the fate of her beloved city of Busan fall directly on her shoulders.

A few days after the release of the short, its director Ben Dai and editor Jake Patton sat down for a behind the scenes look into how they went about handling D.Va’s popular character personality and what went into animating the short itself.

It’s interesting to hear them discuss how they wanted to go a different direction from how D.Va is normally portrayed in the game through her voice lines and character interactions. She always seems very upbeat and firmly in the limelight, but for Shooting Star, Blizzard wanted to show her when she was in an environment where she felt comfortable just being herself.

Another interesting part from the video has them discussing how they went about making sure all the over-water fighting sequences made sense in relation to not only the lighting, but how far D.Va and the attacking omnics appeared to be from the city itself at any given time.

There was also an internal discussion as to whether they felt D.Va should be shown shooting with her pistol while still in her mech, something that never happens in the game. After some debate, the sequence was kept due to how much the team loved it.

A lot of work and discussion goes into making every Overwatch short, and it looks like Shooting Star is no exception.

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