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5 Switch Games Nintendo Won’t Make Because Ewwww, Money


5 Switch Games Nintendo Won’t Make Because Ewwww, Money

Star Fox

We feel pretty strongly about legendary Arwing pilot Fox McCloud. Alas, his last venture on the Wii U in the form of Star Fox Zero was an underwhelming blast through space, with its commitment to motion controls tarnishing the experience for many.

That’s why it’s about darn time that Nintendo gives the Star Fox crew the return to form they so desperately deserve. What we’d really like to see is an evolution of the core Star Fox 64 formula. Players would go from planet to planet, completing missions and quelling the threat of Andross or whatever new villain Nintendo opts to introduce. However, each planet could be its own open world, littered with additional side quest missions, ship upgrades, challenges and collectibles. Bring the classic Arwing action into the current generation, without tarnishing the experience with a hammy control scheme.

The Star Fox name has long been close to the heart of Nintendo fans, and following the disappointment of the Wii U entry in the series, an ambitious new game could be just what’s needed to kickstart the series once more. Just look at Fire Emblem for an example of how a minor series has transcended to making Nintendo millions in the last few years.

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