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Shenmue: How to Find and Trigger the Dojo Flashback


Shenmue: How to Find and Trigger the Dojo Flashback

Finding and Triggering the Dojo Flashback in Shenmue

Shenmue has finally made the leap to current-gen consoles with the release of an HD remaster, helping fans go back to where it all started before the thrilling finale to the trilogy unfolds.

From the lively friends and foes protagonist Ryo meets along the way to the amazingly detailed locales of the game’s recreation of Yokosuka, Shenmue is still the shining beacon of a game it was in 1998. Likewise, the game and its many elements are back and better than ever with a hefty amount of newly polished graphics to help it past muster by today’s standards, allowing for players’ nostalgia to flow without the disjointing realization of how much time has passed since it was a revolutionary piece of tech.

Also returning, though, are the title’s many secrets and Easter eggs, paired with a set of new trophies for the perspective digital accolade hunter to nab. These bonuses range from nods to other Sega series to story moments reserved for those willing to explore the game’s world.

An example of the latter, and one players won’t want to miss, is the Dojo Flashback, which provides a glimpse into Ryo’s past and those he holds dear. To access it, players need to trigger a cutscene with the character Fuku-san at the start of the game. Afterward, they can zoom in on a piece of parchment hanging on the wall by holding down the L2 button. Doing so will cause the cutscene to prompt, and once it concludes players are rewarded with the Treasure Your Friends trophy.
Shenmue I and II are currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the series, check out our coverage on Shenmue 3’s release date reveal, as well as some of the new features coming to the game thanks to a recently reached Kickstarter stretch goal.
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