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Shenmue 2: How to Pass Time


Shenmue 2: How to Pass Time

How to Pass Time in Shenmue 2

The Shenmue series revolutionized the way open world games were created – mostly because of the many innovations and weird little quirks found throughout each. One of the most memorable features from the series is the way time is handled. Here’s everything you need to know about how to pass time in Shenmue 2.

A day/night cycle in a city containing citizens walking around and going about their day truly made this game feel like this was a living, breathing world. Some of the missions you’ll encounter are time specific and you may find yourself standing around, waiting for time to pass. Unfortunately, I’ll need to be the bearer of bad news and let you know that there’s no way to fast forward through time like what modern games have developed. There’s no “Wait” button, so to speak.

Because time is so integral to the way these games are played, though, we wanted to cover the many ways Ryo can pass the time, specifically in the second installment of Shenmue 2.

Get a Job

In Shenmue 2, there are a few different jobs you can get to earn money. It’s a good idea to do so, because you’ll need consistent money coming in to pay your rent at the Come Over Guest House. There are three jobs to choose from: Lucky Hit Stands, Forklift Driving, and Crate Moving. Lucky hit is the closest to the Come Over Guest House, so you might want to visit this one often.

Lucky Hit is simple: You must watch the stand for the owner and call out to people to entice them to play. Once someone comes up, you will take turns dropping a ball down a series of pins to get the ball to the desired spot. X is a miss and a bullseye is a hit. It’s mostly random, so there isn’t much skill involved. Regardless, this is a great way to pass the time and earn some money.

Additionally, you can drive a forklift to make money by meeting the quota. This pays more than Lucky Hit, and is arguably more fun because it doesn’t involve just plain ol’ luck.

Visit Shops

There are a ton of little shops to visit in Shenmue 2. A lot of them are just time-wasters, but some of them are useful. One of the best shops to visit is the Pawn Shop. Here, you can sell trinkets to make money. A lot of the items aren’t worth much, but every little bit helps, especially since money is so integral to this game.

Aside from Pawn Shops, you can visit the Fortune Teller to have your palm read… But, you know, for $20.00, there are better things on which to spend your hard-earned money.

Play Games

If you’re in a gambling mood, visit the Slot House in the Golden Quarter, just by the mall. You can place bets here and make some money if you’re bored and need to kill some time. If you choose to do so, make a save just before you play and reload if you lose.

While you’re in the Golden Quarter, you may want to stop at the nearby arcade to play some classic Sega games. Pine Game Arcade has numerous arcade cabinets and they only cost $5.00 to play. They even have the Sega game, Outrun, which doesn’t hold up, but is still funny to see.

Let the Game Run

If all else fails, you can always just let the game run on its own. Simply standing somewhere will cause time to pass, so if you have any real-life chores to do, or want to take a sandwich break, you can always let the game sit. This, of course, is a last resort, because Shenmue 2 has a lot to do. It’s also a great idea to get through it in time for Shenmue 3, which drops in 2019.

That’s all there is to it! That’s all you can do to pass time in Shenmue 2. While there’s no “fast forward” button like modern games have, at least these methods work, right? Sorry again to be the bearer of bad news a bit. Let us know in the comments down below if there’s any other way we can help you out with Shenmue 2.

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