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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Roam


Rainbow Six Siege: How to Roam

How to Roam in Rainbow Six Siege

When defending objectives in Rainbow Six Siege, it’s tempting to huddle on-site and not stray too far from defendable positions. But keeping in such close proximity to your team and to the objective makes the aggressor’s job much easier. This is where roaming comes in. Roaming is a tactic that all teams should employ, and it essentially means having one or two members of the team actively moving around the map actively trying to intercept the enemy or flank the objective. Here’s how to roam and the best operators to use while roaming.

Most operators can roam, but you’re best to pick ones with more speed stats than armor. Obviously, that allows for greater movement speed, quiet sprinting, and silent slow-walking —handy traits for anybody roaming about the map trying to hunt down the aggressors. Slow-walking, in particular, is essential for effective roaming. Once you’ve closed in on the enemy, you absolutely don’t want them to hear you moving in for the kill or creeping around their general area. The whole point is that they’ve no idea you’re not on site.

Try using Yager, Bandit, and Pulse as roamers. They all have suitable guns, and they’re three-speed operators.

Now, onto the strategy. To be a successful operator, you’re going to need to know the maps inside out, and you’re going to have to rely on a team that has effective communication. You’ll need buddies that call out exactly where the enemy is pushing from, and then you’re going to have to know the fastest way to get to that area of the map to take them out. This is the most crucial aspect of roaming.

Another key aspect to roaming is having the self-control to actually come back to site when your teammates are under pressure. You’re not supposed to be in permanent Rambo mode. It’s all about trying to put the odds on your team’s favor by taking out one or two enemies and slowing down their route to the objective. Don’t think of roaming as free license to do whatever you want.

That should give you a good understanding of how to roam in Rainbow Six Siege. For more information on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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