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PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win August 2018?


PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win August 2018?

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Sony PS Plus

PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win August?


More AAA goodness is on offer this month with PS Plus as Mafia III is the PS4’s headline freebie game. While it might not quite have delivered the sequel we’d hoped, Mafia III is still a substantial open-world action game that is well worth playing through. It certainly earned its fair share of acclaim for some clever storytelling and solid writing, which was brought to life by some exceptional cutscenes and voice acting. Ultimately, it was slightly let down by uninspired gameplay and some frustrating technical issues.

Dead by Daylight makes up the other offering on PS4. It’s an inventive spin on survival horror, frightening with the slow, gradual tension of the genre’s best but manages to do so within the context of a competitive multiplayer game. A team of four survivors will attempt to work together to hook-up four generators that power their escape, all the while being hunted by a single aggressive killer played by another player. The gameplay isn’t anything special but it’s certainly a thrilling experience, assuming the dodgy match-making pairs you with a decent host and group of players.

Bound by Flame, as well as Serious Sam 3: BFE are your PS3 titles in August. The former is a solid action-RPG experience with stellar combat and some genuinely decent role-playing systems. Serious Sam 3: BFE, on the other hand, is a throw-back to the gory shoot em’ ups that spawned the FPS genre that should make for a refreshing change of pace from today’s military-sims and shoot-and-loot titles.

Those still rockin’ Sony’s handheld console can take advantage of two titles this month, as neither are available via cross-buy on PS4 or PS3. Draw Slasher and Space Hulk both received fairly middling critical reception, but they each have their appeal. Draw Slasher makes decent use of the Vita’s touch screen to slice zombies in half, while Warhammer fans will enjoy playing through Space Hulk for its strategic turn-based gameplay that does well to translate the tabletop experience to a video game.

PSVR owners get Here They Lie, a psychological horror game, while trivia game Knowledge is Power is available via PlayLink.

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