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Pokemon GO: How to Get a Red Gyarados

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Pokemon GO: How to Get a Red Gyarados

Shiny Pokemon are pretty hard to find.


Shiny Pokemon have always been difficult to catch in the mainline Pokemon titles on Nintendo’s handheld systems. It’s very unlikely to find a shiny in the tall grass or water, unless you’re extremely lucky or have some sort of cheat going on. In Pokemon GO, finding shiny Pokemon isn’t any easier unfortunately, especially when it comes to finding a red Gyarados.

There is no secret or trick to finding a red Gyarados in the wild in Pokemon GO. The only way is to keep finding them in the wild and crossing your fingers. The thing is, there is no way to tell if a Pokemon is shiny by looking at it on the world map – you must go into battle to actually see if it’s shiny or not, making this a whole lot harder. If you’re having trouble finding some Gyarados to capture, there’s another way to obtain a shiny version of the water Pokemon – just look for shiny Magikarp as well. If you manage to capture and evolve a shiny Magikarp, it’ll evolve into… you guessed it, a shiny red Gyarados.

The shiny Magikarp, which is a gold version of the original generation one Pokemon, was the first shiny that was added to Pokemon GO, about a year ago. Like many of the other regular shiny events in Pokemon GO, Magikarp spawns were increased for a short period of time, making capturing one far easier than usual. This meant that many players had a gold variant to keep until they had the 400 candies required to evolve it into a Red Gyarados, so that’s why quite a few players have one now.

If you need any more tips and tricks on everything Pokemon GO, make sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide on the game.

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