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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Complete Expeditions


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Complete Expeditions

How to Complete Expeditions in No Man’s Sky NEXT

With the brand new NEXT update in No Man’s Sky, it’s now much easier for players to take control of their own Freighter and send out Frigates on expeditions. This is a great way to earn extra units and resources, which should make your journey across the galaxy that much easier. Here’s what you need to know about completing expeditions in No Man’s Sky.

First up, you’ll need to take control of a Freighter, which can be done early on in No Man’s Sky, after you’ve warped a few times between different star systems. Before you can start sending your Frigates out, you’ll also need to build a fleet command room in the Freighter itself. It’s worth noting that you need multiple command rooms if you want to take on more than expedition at a time. To start an expedition, head up to the central command center in your Freighter, and talk to the navigation NPC standing near the table. He’ll bring up a list of expeditions you can embark on, so just hover over the one you want, then press and hold the square button. After that, you can select the Frigates you want to send on the expedition, and you’re done.

On the mission list, you’ll also see a duration for expeditions, which determines how long it’ll take to complete it. Once you’ve sent out your Frigates, all you have to do is wait for that set amount of time, and No Man’s Sky will notify you when your Frigates have returned. When they return, go back to the fleet command room in the Freighter, interact with the terminal, and you’ll debrief the commander and officially complete the expeditions.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on No Man’s Sky and the NEXT update.

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