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New Trailer Revealed For Tactical Mech Game Phantom Brigade


New Trailer Revealed For Tactical Mech Game Phantom Brigade

A new teaser trailer for-turn based strategy mech RPG, Phantom Brigade has been revealed. This comes from the studio behind Crypt of the Necrodancer, once referred to as Brace Yourself Games – but have now merged with Canadian team, Tetragon Works.

The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but it does set the tone for this Armored Core inspired turn-based tactical RPG. In it, a fleet of tanks are en route to destroy a small town and almost kill a little girl; That’s when a giant mech jumps into action and deflects the shot and holds off the attack till another mech comes in and takes out all the tanks. The trailer ends with the mechs overlooking a city that is apparently in turmoil, as explosions going off in the distance.

Phantom Brigade has many features, but most notably, it focuses on customization and narrative. The story unfolds based on player decisions and has somewhat of a “Nemesis System”, not unlike the one from Shadow of Mordor. Enemies or allies will remember choices you’ve made and react accordingly. There is also a huge emphasis on destruction, where the game allows for “square meter of every scene to be destroyed”, per the website.

There is no release date for Phantom Brigade yet, but it’s set for 2019 and will release on PC and other platforms.

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