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Monster Hunter World: Top 3 Best Light Bowguns


Monster Hunter World: Top 3 Best Light Bowguns

Top 3 Best Light Bowguns in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World is jam-packed with all sorts of different weapons, each catering to unique play styles. Those who love getting in close and dealing heavy hits might use the hammer or gunlance, while players who prefer fighting from a distance would probably prefer using the bow or heavy bowguns. There are two particular bowguns to choose from, with the light bowgun offering plenty of mobility and elemental damage. With so many bowguns to craft in Monster Hunter: World, some fans might be wondering what the best light bowguns are.

Generally, the bowguns you will want to aim for are the ones you can craft during the latter parts of Monster Hunter: World. End game weapons shell out some pretty heavy damage and are absolutely essential if you plan on hunting some of the most powerful enemies in the game. As for the light bowgun, you might want to look into the following weapons in Monster Hunter: World:

  • Karma – This light bowgun in Monster Hunter: World lets you use all level 1 status shots along with both sticky and slicing ammo. The weapon also comes with great affinity and has a rapid fire mode for exhaust, spread, and normal ammo.
  • Lightning Blitz III – This is a great support weapon that supports some powerful status effects, such as poison and paralysis. On top of that, you can load up healing shots and comes with a pretty decent magazine size for most ammo. You can also rapid fire thunder and fire bullets, which are effective against most enemies in Monster Hunter: World.
  • Jyura Bullet – The Jyura Bullet is another solid light bowgun that has water ammo rapid fire and supports the spread ammo, which is perfect for those who like fighting up close. More importantly, it also supports some status effect bullets, making the Jyura Bullet a great all-rounder.

All that said, it’s important to note that each light bowgun has their own specific use in Monster Hunter: World. Each weapon comes with its own specialized ammo and other stats that are worth looking into before bringing it into a hunt. With that in mind, it’s important to research which light bowgun is the most effective against your target in Monster Hunter: World.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on Monster: Hunter World, make sure to take a look at our expansive wiki.

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