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Monster Hunter World: How to Find Behemoth


Monster Hunter World: How to Find Behemoth

How to Find the Behemoth in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World’s latest patch adds the Behemoth from the Final fantasy series into the fray. This comes as part of the Final Fantasy XIV crossover event that launched today. While Monster Hunter invaded Final Fantasy last month, it is now time for the roles to reverse. Behemoth is a fearsome foe with many devastating attacks, but how exactly do you start the hunt for this beast?

First off, make sure you have fully updated Monster Hunter World before embarking on your quest against the Behemoth and you have completed the main quest.

Next, you will need to talk to the Serious Handler in the Tradeyard who will tell you about a creature in the Wildspire Waste that is not from this world. and you will receive a Special Assignment titled A Visitor From Another World which will allow you to begin your hunt against the Behemoth. Special Assignments involve objectives different from the ones given to you from the Research Commissions. After accepting this assignment players must head to the Wildspire Waste. Here, you will find a group of Cactuar from the Final Fantasy series and you must follow them to see what all the commotion is about. After following them for a bit you will come across a cutscene in which a Kulu-Ya-Ku steals a very important crystal from a Moogle just trying to go back home. Slaying the Kulu-Ya-Ku is no easy feat as it has a giant crystal that allows it to grow in size as the fight goes on.

After fighting the Kulu-Ya-Ku you must return to the Serious Handler which will then trigger a cutscene explaining just exactly what is going on around these parts of The New World. After learning of a dangerous beast residing in the Elder Recess, you must gather your things and investigate further into these disturbances. After being given the quest titled “The Legendary Beast” it is time to finally face off against the dangerous Behemoth from the land of Eorzea.

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