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Marvel’s Runaways Season Two Confirmed for Later this Year


Marvel’s Runaways Season Two Confirmed for Later this Year

The long-awaited second season for Marvel’s teen-centered show Runaways finally has a release date, Dec. 21, and it will once again only be streamable on Hulu. The ominous Tweet from Marvel’s official account claims that the cast is not in Brentwood anymore, which is clearly evident from the show’s heart-racing season finale.

Good news, the gang’s all back together. The genius, yet mysterious Alex, witchy Nico, colorful alien Karolina, dino expert Gert, obnoxiously smart Chase and impossibly strong Molly are all on the run, right where they were dropped off at the end of season one. They’re running from the law, their evil parents and especially their pasts, and in season two’s 13-episode run, we’ll see our young, immature heroes pushed to the very limit as they must fight for their survival in the world that may no long want them.

Audiences are also wondering if Runaways will have any kind of connection to the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Cloak and Dagger recently wrapping up their own series on Freeform, this duo who has been known to work closely with the Runaways may indeed be referenced in some small way. Though, co-showrunner Josh Shwartz told TVLine that there will be a reference late in season two that will be our first tiny connection to the MCU.

Marvel’s Runaways will premier with 13 episodes on Dec. 21 on Hulu. Likely, the show will release episodes weekly just as its first season did.

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