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Mafia III: How to Reload Weapons


Mafia III: How to Reload Weapons

How to Reload Your Weapons in Mafia III

There is a lot of shooting in Mafia III with it being, you know, a game about the mob. That means you’ll be switching through weapons and running through magazines faster than you can think. When this happens, it’s time to reload with some fresh ammunition, which is thankfully an easy task. Here’s how to reload your weapons and guns in Mafia III.

To reload a weapon, you need to first make sure it’s actually equipped. Simply hold L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One and select the desired weapon. Once it’s equipped, you need to press Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to refill the magazine up and reload. This will load you up all the way to the capacity that your gun can hold. Obviously, every gun is different, and of course, you’ll need to have spare ammo.

It’s a smart idea to carry all kinds of weapons with you so that you always have something with shots left to shoot. Otherwise, if you run out of ammo, you’ll be left with just your fists or a melee weapon. It’s fisticuffs time until you buy or find some more ammo! You’ll have to call your weapon supplies specialist for some ammunition if you don’t want to be running around decking everyone in the face until you stock back up.

That’s all there is to reloading your weapon in Mafia III. If you need more help with the game, check out our wiki. It has a ton of different guides right on it. You can also leave us a comment down below and we’ll try our best to help you with your question. And, of course, the final option for you is to use our search bar to find another guide yourself.

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